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Date Added: 22nd January 2011
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I working on this illustration since a good moment in my spare time. It started with the idea of a character with broken neck, walking without watching where he goes, and finally I really liked the idea to introduce a background story and some justification with the squid tentacles.

original one is in 5k x 5k

Hope you like it.
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Readers Comments
RafaSouza on Sat, 05 March 2011 2:18pm
Just very awesome...
Nookie (Forums)
Nookie (Forums) on Sun, 23 January 2011 1:24pm
yeah yeah yeah! WIP WIP WIP please!
Tsabszy on Sat, 22 January 2011 11:29pm
this picture is awsome :)
i only don't understand why do everything seem real except the character's head?
anyway it's really awsome!! the attention to details and the water is unbelieveable!
Rossoo (Forums)
Rossoo (Forums) on Sat, 22 January 2011 5:06pm
Thx a lot everyone, your comment are really appreciate!!I used a textured base character mesh I made earlier last year, so,with zbrush I deformed the mesh to fit my base concept art. The environment modeling is pretty simple and straightforward, I added more time on the texturing pass and shader. Hole render is done in 3dsMax 2011 with Mental Ray and final gather.I used Arch&Design shader for all surface and for the water I used simple transparency and a fade transparency/distance effect. I admit than the water need a bit of wax effect, I forgot it! Good comment!This illustration was a real puzzle for me since I always doing in the past kind of abstract work ... I learned a lot on the character modeling, anatomy, composition, render, lighting on this one... If you are interested I can post work in progress shot from 2D concept to near final image and couples of shots of my base mesh. Let me know![U][B][URL="http://nanopixo.cghub.com/"]My portefolio[/URL][/B][/U]
Lebaje (Forums)
Lebaje (Forums) on Sat, 22 January 2011 2:40pm
the water got some wax effect in it...but other than that, really nice
Simone on Sat, 22 January 2011 9:18am
Very Hilarious! :)
RICHARD PARKER on Sat, 22 January 2011 8:51am
Wow1 Your work is brilliant. How did you create the water and what software did you use for the whole image? 10 out of 10 from me.
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