Hinted Hills

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Date Added: 24th January 2010
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http://rysh.cgsociety.org/gallery (opens in new window)
when I was a child , I always like to be alone in a green extensive field full of grass like cartoons and play with bees which come to flowers to make honey..
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Readers Comments
Madmaster_3d (Forums)
Madmaster_3d (Forums) on Fri, 26 October 2012 7:41am
hi my country man. how are u? i love ur works. when i start max i try make ur robots & i made it 95% like urself. but i was weak in make texture & rendering . so my work isnt like u :D but look at my work dude :).& say what u think about my work :D[url]http://www.niloblog.com/files/images/owcofa4ao2ma2at24uy7.jpg[/url][url]http://www.niloblog.com/files/images/vsqm0648kfm0pikb3z00.jpg[/url][url]http://www.niloblog.com/files/images/9x89z6pnpayc02i1xe.jpg[/url]nice work man. ur grass is ???
FNSB13 on Wed, 24 October 2012 11:49am
Nice Well done
Sayantani on Mon, 09 August 2010 12:59pm
truly amazing...keep it up!!
Farooq Ahmed on Thu, 15 July 2010 12:42pm
Its amazing work Hossein Afzali keep working great!
This is the original looking work that i like very much....
MFarooqi on Wed, 14 July 2010 6:51am
beautiful... Specially the background.. . did somebody noticed...a small cute tree is on the huge rock. :P

it's mazing
Hulahuga (Forums)
Hulahuga (Forums) on Fri, 12 February 2010 10:07am
Very nice mood and setting :)Great work!
Hammering3D (Forums)
Hammering3D (Forums) on Sat, 30 January 2010 11:08pm
o, fur and hair, I will try this myself,thank you
Rysh (Forums)
Rysh (Forums) on Sat, 30 January 2010 8:46pm
hey guys, thanks for the comments and critics! I'm trying to gain experience in cartoony style and I will keep your c&c in my mind:)hey hammering3D, I created the grasses just with the Hair and Fur in 3ds max;)
Tom-3DT (Forums)
Tom-3DT (Forums) on Sat, 30 January 2010 7:49pm
your characters are fantastic, love the style and colours.
J.B. (Forums)
J.B. (Forums) on Fri, 29 January 2010 7:52pm
love it, just love it, you really did a great job, the colors are very nice and the indian girl is so cute :) the robot is a little lifeless but what the heck he's a robot :D. I had a look on your portfolio and i like what you got there, i would be glad to see more good works from you, cheers
Inveni0 (Forums)
Inveni0 (Forums) on Fri, 29 January 2010 7:27pm
The look and feel of this is okay, but it really suffers from poor compositing. Most importantly, everything in the background is bland and lifeless because there is no depth. I really think this could have used some more attention. And what bothers me about the foreground is the translucent grass.
Hammering3D (Forums)
Hammering3D (Forums) on Fri, 29 January 2010 12:50pm
this is so so so nice, I love cartoon scenes, with so nice colors and mood and funny and joy characters.I bee so happy to archive such mood and scene with my cartoon characters.How did u made the grass? it look very very nice
Rysh (Forums)
Rysh (Forums) on Thu, 28 January 2010 10:14am
oh thanks man! sure I will! :)
Chunkymunky (Forums)
Chunkymunky (Forums) on Thu, 28 January 2010 9:13am
Oh excellent you have a really nice concept painting style. I think you should start up a portfolio here i'm sure we'd all love to see more works from you both 2D & 3D :)
Rysh (Forums)
Rysh (Forums) on Thu, 28 January 2010 7:15am
thanks alot for your kind words chunkymunky!yes you are right, I used Mudbox just for the small mountain.here is one of my basic concepts [IMG]http://rysh.net/files/Concept_1.jpg[/IMG]
Chunkymunky (Forums)
Chunkymunky (Forums) on Mon, 25 January 2010 9:11am
Beautiful peice, very colourful and vibrant and visually appealing.The robot visually reminds me of fatbot from Robots, love the texture work and the lighting is spot on. Love to see a making of out of this, already like the backstory. The background huge rock looks great, how much is mudbox sculpting and how much is max? I presume the mountain was mudbox?
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