Dragons Smile

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Date Added: 19th January 2010
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There are remanence of an old text, one that belonged to a

"Scribe to the Smiling Magicians", as the inscription on the inside cover tells. In it there is an entry, which more than any other in that aged tomb, has troubled scholars for decades.

Here it is in its translated entirety, titled"When We Left Earth":

For centuries a great empire has ruled across these lands, that of my masters; the Smiling Magicians. While its technology is not great, its command of magic is awe inspiring. With this magic my masters have erected great citadels of power with spires that reach to the sky and cover the land with their stretching shadows. Imbued with the intricate designs of old world knowledge, they tap into the deep energy of the world and help empower my masters.

With this energy, the Smiling Magicians have crumbled great mountains, they have diverted roaring rivers, called upon great beasts, but alas they [i]can not[/i] control the heavens themselves.

For eons the greatest of them, a Magician older than any other; Sahasun, prophecized that a day of reckoning would come from above, and while the Magicians believed it, they nonetheless continued to Smile and suckle from the worlds strength. They allowed themselves all of the luxuries one could conceive while lowly and worthless peasants rotted away from slavery, famine and plague on their( Translators Note: "our" is crossed out here and replaced by "their") doorsteps. This was so for countless of Red Summers…

Then, upon a day like any other, as was foretold it came to be, and judgment rained upon the sinful kingdom, but my masters were clever and long prepared for the day. Centuries before the empires foundation was built they imprisoned great serpentine creatures, dragons with feathered wings and crystalline horns, who they buried under the earths crust to sit dormant, waiting for the summons to once again spread their wings and take to the skies.

My masters have left now w
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Readers Comments
Walter Barna on Mon, 08 November 2010 4:48pm
Nice sense of scale. Good Work
Hulahuga (Forums)
Hulahuga (Forums) on Sun, 24 January 2010 4:19pm
thanks a ton :)
VampireD (Forums)
VampireD (Forums) on Thu, 21 January 2010 6:52pm
Yes, fantastic job!:)
Intervain (Forums)
Intervain (Forums) on Thu, 21 January 2010 6:05pm
um - WOW :) is all I can say! Beautiful
Brankob (Forums) on Thu, 21 January 2010 5:52am
[B]hulahuga [/B] and all others who wish, Here's a larger version:[url]http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/5794/dragonsmiling.jpg[/url]Hope you enjoy.[B]bobi[/B]Hvala! Uvek mi je lepo kad mi brat od kuci kaze da voli sta radim.branKo
Bobi (Forums)
Bobi (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 9:08pm
Bravo Branko, obožavam ovakve radove. :) Sad sam i na CG Talku video neke tvoje kreacije i sve su ekstra. Great fantasy work, incredible artistic feel! Go go go Branko! :)
Brankob (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 8:46pm
[B]Washka[/B]- Yeah, if you read my other post in this thread you'd see I feel the same way, I think the left side still needs working over or total omitting. Thank you for the constructive criticizm, stuff like that always helps me. :smug:[B]hulahuga[/B]- Hehe, once I get home I'll upload a bigger pic, I'm touched you'd want to use it.Thanks all!branko
Hulahuga (Forums)
Hulahuga (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 7:59pm
Care posting a highres? I need a new screensaver ;)
CHAO5 (Forums)
CHAO5 (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 7:55pm
wow.... nice
Tork76 (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 7:48pm
Mr.Bistrovic,Your talent continues to amaze & inspire. Such a strong sense of weight, dynamics, subtle expression and amazing detail.WELL DONE!(Can't wait for your next one!)
Washka (Forums)
Washka (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 7:04pm
Good one
Wow, really nice image, I don't like the left part with the jumping/flying people, I would have cut this part because I think it's maybe a little too much for it. I give you five star because I really like your work, the tower on the dragon is a good inspiration, great job!
McKronic (Forums)
McKronic (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 4:43pm
amazing! i love all the details!, such as the people being hurled through the air
Eydi (Forums)
Eydi (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 3:56pm
The composition and the depth is great! an inspiring and amazing work :DJust marvelous :D
Brankob (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 2:09pm
Thank you everyone I'm glad you guys dig it! It was a real blinding rush to get it done in time for the competition, so I do wish there were a few things I could further clean up and refine, like the foreground element/tower, but C'est La Vie.Simon- You're spot on, that was exactly my thinking when I first invisioned this piece. I wanted to keep it feeling open and spacious, figuring that would help add to the breath and scope of the piece. Thank you for the plug!brankO
Simon-3dt (Forums)
Simon-3dt (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 1:29pm
This is a great Image! I love the angle you have captured it from, its almost as if you are there watching the whole thing! Often when you see images like this they are really dark but it is nice to see one that is in the light and appreciate all parts of the image.Excellent!!!
Maxtx (Forums)
Maxtx (Forums) on Wed, 20 January 2010 12:46am
very nice work!!!!
Tarik2d (Forums)
Tarik2d (Forums) on Tue, 19 January 2010 10:28pm
well cool, very well done :)
Chris_solo (Forums)
Chris_solo (Forums) on Tue, 19 January 2010 10:24pm
five stars*****!!!
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