'The Showstopper'

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Date Added: 11th January 2008
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my offering for the CGSociety Challenge, strange behaviour ... meet Celine! ... the robot worker for POSE magazine who against all odds crashes the biggest fashion show of 2007 to fulfill her wish of becoming a supermodel, only to receive a mixed bag of emotions from the audience and the other models .. but all that takes a massive u turn propelling her to become the showstopper! looking at reality, i dedicated this piece to all the ugly looking people who think they don't have what it takes to be part of the world, but, be loved unconditionally inspite of their physical flaws, damaged self esteem, in fact their strange behaviour as how humanity tends to see it ..
take heart ... they are beautiful no matter what ...

>> Software used : Photoshop & Depth of field generator pro

>> tools used : Warp, pen, brush, dodge, burn, sponge, eraser, smudge, liquify and an insane use of transparency blend modes :O

>> Technical information : due to the enormous file sizes ( ranging from 200 - 400 MB) five master files were created, one contained the main model, the second had the peeping bigbot and crowd, the third had the jealous model with the extra crowd details, the fourth contained the entire composition with more details and fixups ending with the fifth, which had all the layers flattened for the depth of field treatment.
depth map was created in photoshop itself with a big reference help from www.dofpro.com with which i used the depth of field generator pro plugin which is without a doubt ... simply mindblowing!
No 3d application was used for this image, not even adobe illustrator, i totally challenged myself this time by creating this artwork completely in photoshop.
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