How to build a 3D character


pull geometry out around eye to conform to the eyes shape.

poly split the inside of the mouth, eyes and nose like such
Now pull that geometry back a bit to make the correct cavities
you can make the ear using the create poly tool under Polygon. Just sketch out what your basic ear shape is going to look like. If you do not like this method you can extrude a face off the side of the head and start modeling that way.
extrude the ear shape.
poly split the shape to create the ear then attach to the head


once you have enough detail in head... connect it to the body.

Edit Polys__/Normals__/soften harden.
I like to soften the normals on my character to see what it looks like not so hard edged.
Once you are done adding detail to the poly model convert model to subd. If they model does not convert make sure that you do not have any free floating Vertices or that you have a high enough poly count in your options for poly to subd. Also, it is a good idea to put texture placements on the character while it is still a poly... much easier than having to switch over to poly proxy when it is a subd.

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