How to build a 3D character


The Head and final touches

We are now ready to start on the head. I usually start making my head with a simple polycube. You do not have to do this, Some prefer to create the head in nurbs first then convert that to polys.

Navigate to polygons__/Smooth
You now have smoothed the head.
Start deforming it to look more like a head.
Delete half the head.
Duplicate the head using a negative value on your axis, make sure to make an "instance" of the geometry



using the split poly tool start to split the poly as shown (note this is rough) basically we are trying to make all the lines loop. Block out where you want your eyes, nose and mouth.

pull in mouth and eyes... pull out nose.
create a sphere or if you have an eye already made put on in to use as reference for your eye.

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