How to build a 3D character


Detach geometry like such first (horizontally)

Then split vertically
Delete inside piece of geometry
this is how you split the arm
We now need to rebuild the geometry because the parameterization is not correct. the max u v range should match the spans UV
Rebuild uniform, parameter 0 to #spans, both directions.
they now match. We want to do this for all our geometry.
Edit Nurbs__/Surface Fillet__/freeform fillet. Connect the pieces.



rebuild the pieces

Do a quick global stitch to make the geometry nice and smooth.
Attach the arm pieces using the blend option under attach.
attach the torso part using connect option under attach.
convert to poly using quads. per span # isoparm. I usually set this to 1 so that I get less geometery. Remember I can add in detail in poly mode.

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