How to build a 3D character


A Must... when it comes to character development
When starting to model a character I believe it essential to know your character. Know your character? What does he mean by that? I mean just that. First off, does the character have a name? It better, if not.... well, I won't go there. Is the character a jolly ole chap or does the character have a grudge against life? How old is the character? What is the characters life span? What gives your character drive? What makes it want to make that next step? Things like these. If you do not know all these details... I suggest you get to work and learn them. When you know your character you will be able to give your character "character."

Now that your character is developed personality wise I suggest that you start to draw it. Thats right, you heard me. Draw, draw, draw. Draw your character that is. Why draw your character? It helps you understand your character. It helps you formulate it's personality. And, when I say draw your character I am not saying draw a lifeless character. Give it "Character" don't just make it sit there. Anyone can do that. How is it feeling? Is it happy or sad? If so, show that!

Now that you have that down, let's get to the technical stuff.


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