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Modeling Joan of Arc by Michel Roger

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Mapping of the Armours

Let us now look at the parts of armor.
Here we will use 2 materials, a material for metal and another for the gilded metal parts as on the design.

Create a Multi-Sub/Object material again with 3
Sub-Materials as shown.
Always copy the same checker material.
Select the faces that will receive the gilded metal.
Map the Cuff and the Toe Cap with a Cylindrical Map {ID 3} centered on the ankle.
The Soul of the Boot receives the Planer Map ID 2.
Finally the remainder receives the ID 1 and a Cylindrical Map with the seam directed downwards.
Aspect of the board of UV once the sets are separated.
ID 1 the Boot.
ID 2 the Cuff, ID 3 the Soul and 4 the Toe.
Make adjustments to eliminate any distortions.

Here we don't make a base texture, we will do it at the end once we have all the textured parts of armor.

The Leg Protection on the left receives ID 3, the remainder ID 2.
with Cylindrical Mapping for each.
On top left the rough base, on the top right the UVs corrected and at the right dimensions as sighted in the viewport.

Here we separate the UVs, avoid having to worry about the texture in Photoshop, take care not to paint between the various materials and colors.

Select the Knee Protection as shown in red,
Apply ID 2. We will apply ID 3 the remainder.
Apply a Cylindrical Map to each ID.
The base UV adjusted and the result in the viewport.

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