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Modeling Joan of Arc by Michel Roger

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Modeling of the glove.
To modelling of a glove amounts to modelling a hand with some simplifications.

The starting object is a cubic primitive which one extrudes 3 times with dimensions to obtain 4 vertical divisions.

Chamfer the edges at the top to prepare the separation of the fingers.
Move downwards the vertecies of the triangular faces.

Then with Cut and Turn Edges complete the division as opposite.

Move the vertecies up from the base then make 2 extrusions of bottom faces.

you now have the basic form to begin the palm and the back of the glove.

This stage it is necessary to give it a more anatomical form, without building in too much of the details.

Throughout this tutorial, it is usefull to continually observe your own hand.

The index is extruded as above, Take care to place segements in the areas of deformation for when the skeleton is assigned.

Then with Cut Edge, insert a division around the center if the fnger as shown above

Make the details (arrows). You can apply Meshsmooth to have an idea of the final result and continue to adjust LPM cage.

It should be noted that the fingers are not parallel but radiate from a starting point located towards the wrist.

Once index finger is completed, duplicate it by selecting its faces and with a shif+move make an Element copy.

Repeat the operation 4 times, adjust the orientation, size etc.

For the end of the fingers, those are placed so the ends for a circle's arc

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