The Total Textures

Tom Greenway - 3DTotal Editor

Karin Eszterhas
- With Total Textures you can make exactly the material you want if you use - ( v1 - v3)

Karin Eszterhas - It has been a pleasure working with this excellent series of high quality textures, and I dare say, that with these Total-textures you'll be very well equipped for doing nice pictures - ( v1 - v3)

Miguel Madail De Freitas - This is were 3DTotal's "Total Textures" CD's come in. They are simply GREAT! - ( v1 - v3)

Ferenc Haraszti - It was a pleasure to work with them, perhaps one of you best - ( v12 and v13)

Sebastian Noll & David Kotterheinrich - Thanks to the 3DTotal team for creating such high quality texture - ( v12 and v13)

Miguel Fonseca - This new CD is full of textures from around the world, several types of walls, bricks, concretes, great for exterior and interior architectural scenes, and with a great variety of materials. - ( v12 and v13)

Miguel Fonseca - I really recommend this CD to every artist and studio, it's one of the best of all, great collection of textures and with a great quality.One more time, congratulationsto all 3DTotal crew members you are the best ... keep up the good work - ( v12 and v13)

Pete Sussi - The body has been re-textured with a fantastic 3D Total CD called "Alien Organic". I can't recommend this one enough! Just take a look at the CD. You'll love it. - ( v11 )

Miguel Fonseca - This new CD is full of textures about aliens organic,they are amazing,great combinations of skins and surfaces, a unique collection that give us the chance to create great enviroments and strange characters, organic forms, and everything that you could possible imagine - ( v11)

Ferenc Haraszti - I used 3DTotal Organic/Alien texture maps for the scene, they worked really well. BIG kudos to 3DTotal the quality of the maps and thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to try them. ( v11)

Sebastian Noll & David Kotterheinrich - Thanks to Total Texture's for releasing amazing textures. - ( v10 )

Clement Choblet - Thanks to 3D total for these great top notch quality textures - ( v10 )

dOUGh - There are so many different textures included you simply can’t get photos for. It's a great help and a timesaver. -(v9 )

Khalid Al-Muharraqi - 3D-totals textures are impressively well done - ( v9 )

Kenji Gozum - Thanks to 3dTotal for these great textures - ( v8 )

Benjamin Brosdau - I recommend this CD to everyone who needs to do high quality renders of cars and other vehicles, because you find some textures and samples on this CD that are indeed very hard to find elsewhere. -( v8 )

Chen Qingfeng - I think that the quality of my work will increase using the Total Textures and they will be of much help in the future.Big thanks to 3D Total! - ( v6 )

Miguel Madail De Freitas - I couldn't go on without thanking Tom Greenway and 3DTotal for making such a wonderful set of texture CD's, from the first to the very last. Each one of the whole bunch is unique and undoubtfully a great add to any 3D artist - ( v6 )

Toni Bratincevic - One of the most interesting and most difficult part to do in this image is texturing. As you probably know, I've used many textures from the last 3DTotal textures CDs. They are definitely the best textures that you can find around. The interesting thing about these new CDs is that on Total Texture 5 CD you have clean surfaces and on 6th CDs you have a lot of masks and dirt maps with which you can enrich the textures from the 5th CD - ( v6 ).

Martin Ernst - Finally I wish to thank for the Total Texture CD's - they are high quality and come in a large quantity too, they can improve a simple scene enormously, as you can see. On top of that all textures tile perfectly, the textures are well prepared for to work with them, which saves a lot of time and effort. - ( v5 )

Ferenc j Haraszti - First, I'd like to say a huge thank you to's staff for giving me the opportunity to test their latest texture maps. All I can say is they are most awesome! - ( v5 )

Miguel Fonseca - The new CD's from 3D Total collection were perfect to do that job. The textures are great high quality maps with many varieties of materials, combining stunning texture quality, different scales from the same texture, dirt maps and graffiti's resulting in a great help to any 3D artist, or artist in general. - ( v5 )

I can tell you that they are fantastic high quality textures that are good for all uses. I am currently working on 3D scenes for a sci-fi/horror film and the director loves what I've created with the Total texture CD's. The director has been in filmmaking for 30+ years, so I'd say that's a pretty high compliment to receive. So, I say "yes" get one, get them all. - 3dtodd ( v1)

It's a very very good texture collection. Maybe the best we can see on the web.
Morwen ( v2 )

Comes in use at any point...quick CD interface...wonderful textures.....i luv it....all the CDs are really an achievment......3DTotal has worked hard...there is no match for these texture CDs -
( v2 )

i found the Total Texture v3 a great collection of bases you can work on. For general architecture things, this CD is remarkably usefull. I think it's one the best purchase ever made, you got plenty of textures organized in chromatic session, you can either put them directly on surfaces or blend them together in photoshop or directly into your 3dsoftware....Among all the CD's this one should be the first to be purchased -
( v3 )

I very much like to play with the eye creators. I even made a tutorial about how to make a human eye, thanks to this CD - Spliney ( v4 )

Have to say that the quality is absolutely great. High-resoluting textures and bump maps for human and creature eyes, skin, fur etc! I appreciate having this CD and its worth buying in my opinion - TheOne ( v4 )

Awsome collection of diffuse, bump & displacement maps..Really helpful - <<GhosTS>> ( v4 )

I received my Dirt & Graffiti CD a few weeks ago. As with all of the other texture CD's I've purchased from 3DTotal I've come to expect high quality textures, and suffice it to say I was equally impressed with the Dirt & Graffiti CD.

The one great thing about having a set of high quality textures in my hands is that I am ultimately inspired for ideas just by looking at them. The beauty of a texture CD filled with maps for dirt and graffiti is that they are dual-purposed. Unlike your typical "color map" texture, dirt maps can be used as Masks as well as for dirt. Dirt maps are also a great way to hide repetition in color maps when you need your color texture to cover a larger area then the map itself is sized for.

Within minutes after opening the "Dirt & Graffiti" CD I threw together a very convincing texture where I added some dirt to a wall of cement and brick. One dirt map was used to Mask the cement layer to show the bricks "below" in a way that mimiced natural wear and tear. With a little tweaking in Photoshop I can also turn a dirt map into rust. It's all up to you...the user.

Now I am waiting for the "Total Sci-Fi #7" CD to come in the mail. From what I've seen on the preview page I am more then excited. Especially since I'm a sci-fi nut, I can't tell you how anxious I am. I'll be back to share my experience with that CD. Which should be arriving any day now - 3dtodd ( v5 )

All hail the Total Texures.....!!!! The textures are really good - H20( v6 )

I looked over the sci-fi CD (#7) this weekend and as usual I am extremely impressed with the quality and quantity of textures, etc. available on this CD.
Along with loads of premade textures ready to use on your 3D models, it comes with a slew (that means "a lot" if you don't know what "slew" means) of textures designed to be combined by you to create your own 3D scenes. Such as vents, handles, paneling, crate textures, etc. All that you would need to create convincing sci-fi scenes.

I would also highly recommend the "Dirt & Graffiti" CD to go along with the "Sci-Fi" CD, since you need dirt to create realistic scenes of worn and beaten surfaces on your Mars station interior and exterior scene - 3dtodd ( v7 )

I have just recently purchased Total Textures Volume 12, i was astounded by the quality of the textures being a game artist i felt my work would not be complete without volumes 12,13,14 and 9, and i will continue to expand my collection. Your artists have done an amazing job in capturing these textures and producing them, no where on the Internet is there the support of the quality of textures like you offer. Thank you for you products. Every 3d artist should OWN your texture packs!
On top of that delivery (in the UK where i am) was extremely prompt. Once again thank you - Kieran Belkus

I've bought all of your cd's now and I have to say they are awsome. I'm a student, graduating this year with a degree in computer animation and your cd's have been a great resource to me ever since I bought the first three several months back. Keep up the good work - Ethan Slay

Just received V7 in the post & had a quick look, basically it's bloody ace, probably the best one to date, you seem to have thought of everything, including some very good tutorials. Can't wait for V8, maybe it'll have some cool shaders like in V1 (or was it V2?) would be nice (hint ,hint). - Pete Burkwood

Thanks for sending the CDs to me in Australia so promptly – I received them today, which was just over a week after I ordered. I am very very happy with the quality of the CDs, which I have started using already to help me complete my post-grad student film project. The dirt maps are especially helpful. - Louise Harvey

I've looked over the Sci-Fi CD and it's excellent. I can't wait to start creating with it. - Todd Groves - Creative Director - Nulight Designs

I recieved the texture cd half an hour ago, and I have to say that the quality is really awesome! These are the best textures I have ever seen, and the web iterface is very useful. I wonder who created all those great maps? - Johan Schwind

The textures CDs are the best we were able to find on the web. The quality is stunning and the cost/performance ratio is more than good. - Markus Schöllmann

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The Total Texture CDs - very comprehensive texture collections priced with the hobbyist in mind. To see more examples, download free samples and read full details follow this link

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