The Digital Art Masters: Volume 5 is the fifth of the series of books created by 3DTotal, which features 60 talented artist that are working in the CG industry today. Over the course of the next few months, we are giving away a FREE sample chapter from the book, for you to download and read. This week you can take a look at how, 3d artist Simon Dominic created his piece of artwork: Big Blue, in this four page give away.

Product Review :

"Digital Art Masters in his 5th edition is now what can be easily considered one of the
best showcase of digital artworks available
to the public. The quality of the artworks, the fine printing and the valuable walkthroughs
make of this book a must have for any art lover and for any cg artist, professional or beginner."
"One of the best books of the genre”, this is not only a book to showcase the work of artists, with a selection of amazing works in various techniques, the book details how the images were made. Besides being a pump of inspiration for any artist the "Digital Art Masters" is one of the best ways to learn the pipeline and get great tips from professionals."
“Digital is reshaping the illustration and concept art landscape. 3D has become an indispensable part of the entertainment industry. Over the last 10 years the same industry has seen an explosion of artistic talents and the next ten will see even more. The artists being showcased in this book I believe are part of the beginning of a new golden age of illustration”
"I'm still amazed at the content of this book and the breathtaking quality of the illustrations. It reminds us of the crazy fast paced and never-ending progression of the artists in our field, I need to learn from them before it's too late, and frankly, there is a lot
to look at here!"