The Digital Art Masters: Volume 4 is the forth of the series of books created by 3DTotal, which features 60 talented artist that are working in the CG industry today. Over the course of the next few months, we are giving away a FREE sample chapter from the book, for you to download and read. This week you can take a look at how, 3d artist Weiye Yin created his piece of artwork: Fly Together, in this four page give away.

Product Review :

"I highly recommend Digital Art Masters for all artists. This book meticulously records the artists' inner thoughts, personal techniques and creative processes. The comprehensive explanations alongside detailed breakdown progress images are great learning tools for both students and professionals."
"Look at this book as a backstage pass. It will introduce you to some of most prolific artists of the day, ranging from promising up-and-coming young talent all the way to industry legends. You'll get to follow convoluted creative thinking mechanisms, to understand the reasons behind technical choices and to witness the genesis of remarkable artwork."
“Digital Art Masters is getting better and better at showcasing some of today's best digital artists. The way the book shows the processes of achieving great pictures provides a good opportunity to learn from these artists, and keeps you challenged in your own Art."

“The Digital Art Masters is a collection of truly extraordinary talents and their captivating imagery. Filled with creative and practical techniques, this insightful glance into such remarkable minds makes this a must have for every artist.”