3DTotal are looking for fresh, educational tutorials to showcase on our website. From 3ds Max and Maya to Google SketchUp and Blender, we are interested in tutorials for any software and difficulty level. Both 2D and 3D tutorials will be welcomed, in text- or video-based format and any topic is acceptable as long as it’s relevant to our audience and covered in a clear, user-friendly way.

Accepted tutorials will be showcased on the homepage of 3DTotal for up to two weeks, as well as being featured in our forums. Finally they will be given a permanent home in our tutorial archives where they can continue to help and instruct fellow artists for years to come.

So if you’ve got a tutorial or two lying around on your hard drive, don’t just let them gather dust – submit to 3DTotal!

Submissions can be sent to tutorials@3dtotal.com . If you’re submitting a text-based tutorial, please provide the text and images separately, with the Fig points marked in the text. If you’re submitting a video-based tutorial, please also provide a short piece of intro text explaining what your tutorial is all about.

Along with your tutorial, please include the following information:
Your name
Your email address
Your website address (if available)
Title of tutorial
Software used

All submissions will be judged by the 3DTotal team and you will then receive an email to let you if your tutorial has been accepted. We will do our best to acknowledge your submission within 48 hours, and give you a decision within
a week.

Even if you haven’t actually written the tutorial yet and are simply thinking of ideas, we’d still love to hear about it, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line at tutorials@3dtotal.com


As a thank you for any tutorials that are accepted, we are happy to be able to offer ONE of the following rewards:

Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 2 (due to shipping restrictions, this is available to US/Canada and Europe only)

2 x 3DTotal Texture DVD volumes (available world-wide)

£30 worth of downloadable products from the 3DTotal online shop (3DTotal titles only). This can include ebooks from our huge library or any of our magazine issues.

So take advantage of this great opportunity and help the 3DTotal community today!

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