How to submit artwork for consideration of publication in DAM: V4 - To submit artwork for consideration of publication in Digital Art Masters: Volume 4, we have tried to make things as easy as possible this time around! We have put together the following checklist that you should go through for every image that you would like to submit – we do not limit the number of entries from any artist, however, any submissions that do not comply with the following guidelines will not go through to the judging stage, so please pay close attention to the following as there will be no exceptions made for those who have not followed the DAM: V4 Submission Guidelines!
  Do you own the copyrights, or can you get copyright clearance from your client/company before you submit? – You must own the copyrights for any image that is submitted for consideration. If you do not own the copyrights of an artwork that you would like to submit – for example if it was created professionally for a client/company – then you must get written permissions/clearance from your client/company director before submitting. We will request signed permissions for all artworks accepted for the book, so please do not submit anything that you do not already own or can get permissions for before submitting. If an artwork that has been accepted for the book does not have acceptable permissions will be removed from the line-up and a replacement will be sought. There can be no exceptions to this rule.


Is your artwork an original creation that has been created solely by yourself? – If your artwork has been created as ‘fan art’* then you cannot submit to this project. This is very important. If you have created an artwork which is based – however loosely – on existing characters, games, films, concept art – then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to seek the permissions that we require for an artwork of this nature to be published in DAM: V4, so if you are unsure – do not submit! You should only submit artworks that are of original creation by yourself. Alternatively, if you have clearance from your client/company director for a specific artwork to be published in DAM: V4, then the artwork can still be considered, providing you already have said permissions/clearance.

*If you are unsure of the term ‘fan art’ please check this Wikipedia article. If you are still unsure, email, along with the image that you’d like to submit, for help and advice!


Is your image of the desired size for print in DAM: V4? – For the judging stage we can accept submissions at 72dpi – screen resolution – at approx. 800 pixels wide. All accepted images for DAM: V4 must however be available in print resolution: 300dpi – print resolution – at approx. 3,000 pixels wide, or above. As a guideline, here are the ideal sizes for accepted images to be printed in the book as:

A full single page: 2480 x 3425 pixels
A full double-page spread: 4960 x 3425 pixels

If you do not have images available in approximately these sizes, then please contact with your image size and Lynette will advise as to whether the image size will be publishable in DAM: V4.


Do you have WIP images showing the stages of creation of your artwork? – We do not need to see WIP images at the submission stage, however all accepted images for DAM: V4 will require a Project Overview article to be created by the artist, and it is suggested that artists have approx. 8-10 WIP images* for this article. It is not a problem if you have fewer, or more – this is just a suggested number, but if you have less than 4 WIP images that we would suggest you do not submit as there could be problems with the Project Overview element of the project if you cannot supply the required material for the article, which could lead to your work being removed from the line-up for DAM: V4. WIP images can include concept sketches (recommended), screen shots, and renders of the work at the different stages of creation.

*All WIP images should be print resolution (see IMAGE SIZE section) wherever possible; however, we understand that screen shots can only be grabbed at 72dpi, so we simply ask that all WIP images are sent as large as possible. Please note that only screen shots will be acceptable at 72dpi – all other images must be print resolution (300dpi).


How to submit! – Once you’ve read through the above guidelines, and you are confident that your image(s) all comply with the above (remember: if you’re unsure about any of your images, please email for help and advice before submitting), then you are ready to submit!


1. Save your image(s) for submission at 72dpi screen resolution, at approximately 800 pixels (or larger if your email can handle the file size) and attach your image(s) to a new email. Please do not zip your images – simply attach them as they are to your email. If you wish to send more than one submission then you can send multiple emails if you wish to limit the file size of each email – not a problem!

2. For each image submission, you must provide the following information:

Image Title:
Final Image Resolution:
Email Address:
Software Used in Creation of Image:
Description of Image: (the more info provided here, the better!)
Copyrights Owner*:

*If you’re not the copyrights owner, do you have permissions for the image to be published in DAM: V4? If not, please get clearance/permissions before you submit – see ‘COPYRIGHTS’ section above!

3. When you’re happy that your image(s) complies with all of the above guidelines and your image(s) is attached to your email, please email your submission(s) to:

The deadline for submissions is: November 30th 2008, 11:59PM GMT. Images submitted after this date and time will not be eligible to go through to the Voting stage.

Lynette from 3DTotal will reply to confirm receipt of your submission. Voting will take place from December 1st 2008 – Friday 5th 2008, and Lynette from 3DTotal will contact all artists with information as soon as possible. Please note that there may be delays with these replies as the Voting stage can take longer than expected, and we may choose to make enquiries with artists in the final selection should we have any uncertainties, which may lead to further delays. When we have our final selection confirmed all artists will then be contacted. Please be patient during this period.


If you are one of the lucky artists selected to be featured in Digital Art Masters: V4, you will receive 1 hard cover copy of the book, posted out to you for free, along with the recognition that being in such a well-respected title holds!

Digital Art Masters Volumes: 2 and 3 are available in all good bookstores worldwide – Volume 2 has even been translated into Japanese, so there is much exposure to be gained from this title! The book series is also taken to the likes of Comic Con, Siggraph, and other events around the world, ensuring maximum exposure for the artists involved in the project. There will also be a signing opportunity for those artists published in the book at Siggraph 2009!

If you have any questions about the Digital Art Masters: Volume 4 book project – any at all – please don’t hesitate to contact Lynette by email:

Thanks for your interest in Digital Art Masters: Volume 4. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

The 3DTotal Team


We have included examples on this 'Call for Entries' page so that you can see and also read each overview to get an example of what to include in your overview text and to also see what sort of images to supply.

Note: Each piece will open up in a PDF document so you will need to have a PDF viewer installed on your computer. To see example layouts from the 'Digital Art Masters: Volume 3' book please click on the individual images to see a high res version of those pages.