The Digital Art Masters: Volume 2 is the second of the series of books created by 3DTotal, which features 58 talented artist that are working in the CG industry today. Over the course of the next few months, we are giving away a FREE sample chapter from the book, for you to download and read. This week you can take a look at how, 3d artist Fred Bastide created his piece of artwork: Monstreusien - Cold Meat, in this six page give away.


Readers Reviews:
Below are some reviews that we have had come in for the Digital Art MAsters: Volume 2 book

3D World magazine - Nov 06

"A fascinating glimpse into the working practices of the pros."

Rafal Wojtunik - 'Fallen Art' BAFTA winning movie & Platige Image concept artist.
"For those who are not satisfied with only a 'final picture' book and also want to know the techniques behind the images. A nice start for a new book series..."

Frederic St-Arnaud
"Definitely one of my favourite art books of the year. It contains an incredible source of inspiration from amazing digital artists all around the world. The high quality of this book is outstanding to say the least; it will become a part of my personal collection for sure."

Natascha Roeoesli
"3D Total's second instalment of "Digital Art Masters" gives you once again the opportunity to take a look over today's most popular digital artists' shoulders. You are not only getting a beautifully treated and presented art book but also interesting insights on how the artists create their stunning visions. You wouldn't want to miss that opportunity!"

 Imagine FX – October 2007
An annual record of the best digital art around, this is the second edition of the acclaimed Digital Art Masters. The featured images are stunning, and often so photorealistic it takes a few moments to appreciate the talent involved. Accompanying the images are shots that show the steps taken to create the image, alongside brief descriptions. With 58 artists including a number of IFX regulars, this book will have you gripped for hours.