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  • FREE TUTORIAL 21/09/2018

    Juan Camilo Vallejo demonstrates his process for creating two stunning cyberpunk characters…

    ARTICLE 21/09/2018

    Konstantin Gdalevich explains why Maya is his modeling software of choice, covering its benefits and why he would still recommend it to his early self…

    ARTICLE 20/09/2018

    Mohsen Hashemi examines which render software might be best for your arch-viz stills, architectural animations, and commercial projects…

    PODCAST 20/09/2018

    Trevor Hogg talks to Sean Konrad of Method Studios about the VFX work created for "Deadpool 2" in our latest podcast...

  • ARTICLE 19/09/2018

    Learn what you need to know for translating your traditional painting skills to the digital realm...

    FREE TUTORIAL 18/09/2018

    Concept artist Gabriel Romero takes a horror-themed flash fiction piece and turns it into an illustration with Photoshop...

    ARTICLE 18/09/2018

    3D artist Marcelo Pinheiro offers inspiration in the form of 10 artistic styles he loves, from classical sculpture to hyperrealism…

    INTERVIEW 17/09/2018

    Total War: Warhammer & Horizon Zero Dawn Character & Creature Artist Vick Gaza shares his studio and personal workflow, and inspirations…

    ARTICLE 17/09/2018

    Sculptor Alejandro Pereira takes a closer look at what you need to know if you're taking the first steps from traditional sculpting to digital…

  • FREE TUTORIAL 14/09/2018

    Concept artist Andy Walsh takes us through the Photoshop process for painting an imposing Cthulhu accepting a sacrifice…

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/09/2018

    Digital sculptor Juan Pitluk takes us through the ZBrush and 3ds Max workflow behind his Dr Fate 3D sculpt...

    INTERVIEW 12/09/2018

    Illustrator François Coutu discusses his favorite artists, the video games that inspire his vivid artwork and his ambitions for the future…

    FREE TUTORIAL 11/09/2018

    Senior 3D character artist Mauro Baldissera takes us through the ZBrush workflow behind his Skyup Academy Robot...

    NEW TITLE! 10/09/2018

    With over 900 drawing projects, The Sketch Encyclopedia is the perfect resource for your first steps into sketching. Pre-order now and receive a free A5 sketchbook!

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

20th September 2018

Build Your World is the flagship video for the re-release of the new website for KITBASH3D, telling the story of architecture through time ...

20th September 2018

Kotaku have put together a large collection of art created for Destiny 2: Forsaken.

19th September 2018

Blur Studio have created this awesome CG trailer for League of Legends.

19th September 2018

One Love Two Beasts is an animated short created at Isart Digital.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

21st September 2018

Asia Ladowska talks about how she quit her job to become a full-time freelancer.

21st September 2018

Hum3D have started the Fifth annual Hum3D competition for the best Car render.

21st September 2018

BlackGinger have posted a VFX breakdown of their work on Deep Blue Sea 2.

21st September 2018

Learn about the importance of metalness and why it has been added to the V-Ray material to better support a PBR workflow in V-Ray Next< ...

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