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  • INTERVIEW 19/02/2018

    Freelance illustrator Dmitry Burmak talks to us about creating fantasy art for "Magic the Gathering” and "Frostgrave,” and gives us some great advice for portfolios...

    INTERVIEW 16/02/2018

    Canadian concept artist Greg Danton has focused on environments in the past, but is trying to broaden his art. Read more...

    FREE TUTORIAL 15/02/2018

    Discover how illustrator Jose Parodi created his submerged fantasy diver character using Photoshop...

    INTERVIEW 14/02/2018

    Take a look at JC Park's amazing concept art, and read about his work ethic, workflow, and inspirations...

    INSPIRATION 14/02/2018

    Check out the top articles from 3dtotal in the last three months, featuring plugins for a variety of software, reviews, and ways to improve your practices...

  • KICKSTARTER 14/02/2018

    We've almost reached £70k on the Still Just Kidding Kickstarter which means the second stretch goal is almost unlocked!

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/02/2018

    3D generalist Caroline Ng demonstrates how to create a stylized bunny character with Maya and ZBrush, from an illustration by Karly Jade Catto...

    FEATURE 13/02/2018

    Illustrator and concept artist Álvaro Escudero takes a look at 10 classic paintings he loves, and what makes these paintings so successful; from the use of light, to composition...

    SHOP OFFER 13/02/2018

    Valentine’s Day Offer! For a limited time only, buy one anatomy figure and get another half price in our online shop!

    INTERVIEW 12/02/2018

    Egyptian freelance 3D artist Bondok Max focuses on look dev, lighting and environment/asset modeling, while always striving to improve. Read more...

  • INTERVIEW 09/02/2018

    Russian concept artist Vladimir Manyukhin works for IT Company in Moscow, and strives to improve with every piece of artwork he does...

    INSPIRATION 08/02/2018

    From established freelancers to aspiring artists and studio professionals, learn more about best practices and top advice in the most popular peer interviews from the last 3 months...

    COMPETITION 08/02/2018

    The top 10 images in January's gallery featured many excellent character designs, including the winner from Manuel Gallardo...

    INTERVIEW 07/02/2018

    Spanish concept artist and illustrator Pablo Aguilar has worked on a variety of projects in his short career, including Game of Thrones. Read more...

    FREE TUTORIAL 06/02/2018

    Turn your sketches into detailed rendered illustrations - Aekkarat Sumutchaya shows you how.

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

19th February 2018

Here is the official trailer for LEGO DC Super Heroes The Flash.

18th February 2018

Meet Cable in this new trailer for Deadpool 2.

18th February 2018

Check out these two clips from Early Man.

17th February 2018

DreamWorks have released a trailer for season 6 of Dragons: Race to the Edge.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

19th February 2018

Learn how to create a trippy infinite zoom using Sapphire in After Effects.

19th February 2018

See how Framestore created this commercial for the United States Marine Corps.

19th February 2018

Daniel Giron goes behind the scenes of how he put together an environment using Megascans.

17th February 2018

Learn more from Rooster Teeth artists as they share their Maya techniques for their hit web series, RWBY.

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