'ZBrush, Softimage XSI & Photoshop'

Making Of 'Sailor Girl'

by Igor Catto

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, over, pass, filters,



I used the MRGBZ Grabber to create Depth of Field. It is very simple to us; just select it and then click and drag a rectangle to choose the area where you want to make the depth. The image is then generated and you can export it on the alpha palette in ZBrush (Fig.21).

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, depth, of, feild,

Fig.22 & Fig.23 show all the passes together.

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, final, render, portrait,

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, final, render, close, up,

Conclusion :

I would like to thank you for reading this Making Of. I would like to thank 3DTotal too for the opportunity to show a little of my work.  If anyone has any doubts or questions about this Making Of or any of my other works then feel free to contact me. I have a blog where anyone can see and criticize my work, so feel free to do it so we can share knowledge and experiences because that’s how we all evolve as artists. Thank you very much!

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