'ZBrush, Softimage XSI & Photoshop'

Making Of 'Sailor Girl'

by Igor Catto

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, - final render close up

Software Used :

XSI, ZBrush and Photoshop

When I start a new artwork I always do an extended period of research, so I can have some ideas to start the modeling process. The general idea for this piece ā€“ the pinup ā€“ came from searching from finding these references (Fig.01).

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, refrences, pinup, girls,

I started the modeling with a simple base mesh and I worked on the general volumes and anatomy of the "T" pose. After that, I posed the model to fix and clean up the anatomy of the body (Fig.02).

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, zbrush, female, pose,

I modeled the general form of the hair by using a cylinder. I took it and then "drew" the shape and added some edges. Then I deleted the extra polygons to get the general shape, and extruded it a bit to complete the length of the hair. Finally I used the "solidify" modifier to add some volume.

I repeated the process a couple of times to form the braids of the hair (Fig.03 & Fig.04).

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, hair, modeling, sculpting,

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, hair, sculpting, moeling,

After Iā€™d finished the hair, I started to model the cap. The details made all the difference, so I spent a lot of energy on them. The emblem was the main ornament of the cap and so I modeled some parts of it separately so I could work on it more easily in ZBrush. Then I made the whole base of the cap (Fig.05 & Fig.06).


Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, hat, badge, emblem,

Igor, Catto, Sailor, Girl, hat, mesh, captains,

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