Making of 'Satyr Statue'

by Wesclei Barbosa

Software Used:

ZBrush, 3ds Max and Photoshop

Hi guys, my name is Wesclei Barbosa and I will try to guide you through the creation process of my image: Satyr Statue. The idea behind this image was, by following the original art created for the God of War trilogy, to try to get the best result as possible using the work of these artists as a guide.

The concept was done by Andy Parkart and the game model was created by Katon Callaway

Modeling - Defining Proportions and Form:

The base mesh was created in 3ds Max by tweaking an old base mesh and cutting off the feet (Fig.01). Thanks to my friend Glauco Longhi for that.


Now I started to define the proportions and forms, always trying to find the best silhouette, compared to the concept (Fig.02).


When I start to define anatomy, I always try to find some landmarks on the body. Things like the whole skull, clavicle, sternum, ribcage arc, knees, and so on. Basically I always try to find the skeleton. By doing that I kept things right proportionally, since the skeleton is the foundation of the anatomy.

After finding these points, I could then start to create the muscles on the torso and arms and to define the forms and volumes of the head (Fig.03).


For the head I started to create the foundation by finding the zygomatic arc, eye sockets, nose and the borders of the frontal bone. The entire jaw is a great landmark also (Fig.04).


At this point my main tools were the Move and CluyTubes brushes. I use ClayTubes all the time as it is very useful for creating volumes and testing the forms. Here you can see an earlier stage of the legs, using the same process (Fig.05).



The Horns:

After defining the overall shape of the satyr, it was time to start the horns. I created the base mesh using ZSpheres so that I could start to create the overall volume for them (Fig.06 – 07).



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