Making Of 'Unicron'

by Clinton Felker

Software Used :

Photoshop & 3DSMax

I’ve always wanted to paint tributes to my favorite childhood cartoon characters and I chose Unicron to be the first in the series. I wanted to do something pretty high res because I wanted to print the series and hang them in my workspace.

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how I used both 2D and 3D tools for production. Since this wasn’t for a client there wasn’t a deadline and so I could afford to experiment. I wanted to show how big and powerful this character was by placing the viewer low to the ground looking up at him. I started blocking him out with just a plain square brush and then I started to find detail within the shapes (Fig.01).



Next I enlarged the rough sketch to start defining the line art even further.  I tried to flip my canvas on occasion to check my perspective (Fig.02).


Next I created a layer under the line art and filled the image area so I could quickly isolate the character for adjustments (Fig.03).


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