'Photoshop & Maya'

Making Of 'Ruo'

by Yu Cheng Hong

Software Used :

Photoshop & Maya

Introduction :

This piece is the third character that I have created for personal work; a dark magician with cool looks and a gloomy, cold personality. I wanted his costume to not be too armoured, but to be more modern-looking, and I intended to have the space featuring some magical steel on the wall, and so I started doing research and finding references to help me on my way.

Refrences :

Here are some costumes I found on GQ web. One of the outfits is actually by my favourite fashion designer, John Galliano. So I tried to aim for the

same feeling in my character’s clothing design (Fig.01 and Fig.02).




3D Work :

I started in 3D first of all, because I wanted to get an exaggerated perspective, and I figured 3D would help a lot. So I went to Maya, where I started to model some simple basic shapes as references (Fig.03).


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Hardik on Tue, 10 December 2013 5:11pm

Awesome work.
Hardik on Tue, 10 December 2013 5:11pm

Great work.

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