Making Of 'Hellboy'

by Kerem Beyit

Texturing the Background:

To keep the background from becoming boring, I applied a texture to the background using my texture brushes. I applied texture effects on a different layer as well, so that if it turned out to be more than I wanted I could knock it down a touch (Fig.09).


Lighting the Background:

To add more movement to the background, and to make my figure “pop out” from the scene more, I lit up the background with a natural, ambient light coming in from the top left corner.  I also created an artificial light source at the bottom of the image. I rendered my background objects according to these lighting conditions (Fig.10 and Fig.11).


Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - add light to back ground

Colouring the Figure:

At this point, I started colouring the character with base colours. In order to see my figure more clearly, I reduced the opacity of the background (Fig.12).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - add colour

Basic Shading:

I continue to shade my figure, keeping the directions of my light sources in mind all the while (Fig.13).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - add highlights

Basic Lighting:

I lit up the figure based on the light sources. Lastly, I blended the figure with the background with a little colour correction (Fig.14).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - lighting

First Texturing:

Using load selection, I selected the layer that the figure was on and I applied texture on a different layer (Fig.15).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - texturing


Soft Lighting:

On a different layer, I defined the figure’s outlines with soft lights. With this process I separated the figure from the background and defined it more (Fig.16 and Fig.17).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - soft light

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - soft light

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Kamal on Thu, 30 September 2010 4:54pm

gud wrk..dude..keep it up..nice..god bless u ..
Ethan on Sat, 02 October 2010 12:19am

that is cool could you show or tall how you drew it in photoshop pleas
Eydi (Forums) on Sat, 02 October 2010 2:51pm

nice tutorial :)
Ertac on Sun, 03 October 2010 4:33pm

A must see!
Joe on Thu, 26 May 2011 7:32am

Good tutorials thanks for sharing


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