Making Of 'Hellboy'

by Kerem Beyit

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - final image

Software Used: Photoshop


Before starting with the actual drawing, I first of all decided on the composition by creating a simple sketch (Fig.01).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - sketch


Once I was happy with the pose, I started drawing. In order to dress the figure correctly, I defined the structure of his muscles very loosely (Fig.02).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - sketch, concept, drawing

Drawing the Costume:

I created a new layer and, keeping the layer with the figure underneath, I drew the costume on the new layer (Fig.03).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - sketch, concept

Finished Line Art:

After completing the costume, I erased the parts of the figure that it covered. I merged the layers and did a very basic hatching in order to add dimension to the drawing. This process was going to be helpful in the rendering stage later (Fig.04).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - concept

Creating the Background:

I started on the background with one of my texture brushes (Fig.05).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - background

After finishing blocking in the background, I lit up the parts where the figure was going to be placed, and used a soft round brush to create a stone wall (Fig.06 and Fig.07).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - back ground effect


Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - tile effect

To make the background more interesting, I drew a wooden framework with a couple of wheels connected to it (Fig.08).

Kerem Beyit, Hellboy - added cogs to back ground

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Kamal on Thu, 30 September 2010 4:54pm

gud wrk..dude..keep it up..nice..god bless u ..
Ethan on Sat, 02 October 2010 12:19am

that is cool could you show or tall how you drew it in photoshop pleas
Eydi (Forums) on Sat, 02 October 2010 2:51pm

nice tutorial :)
Ertac on Sun, 03 October 2010 4:33pm

A must see!
Joe on Thu, 26 May 2011 7:32am

Good tutorials thanks for sharing


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