Making Of 'Babice (Midwife)'

by Vanja Todoric

Ok, so when everything was done, and I was happy with the whole composition, it was time to add some colors. The whole thing was colored with only two layers. The first one is a solid blue/turquoise color and the second one is a gradient fill which is combination of purple (lower part) and orange (upper part).

When the colors were set in place, it was time for the final touches for the illustration. I added some anatomy details to the figure along with the teeth for the belly to make it look scarier.

The last thing I did was the outline around the figure, which I love using in all of my illustrations. It separates the figure from the background, and also adds a bit of a modern designer’s touch.(Fig.06).



And here is the finished illustration.(Fig.07)


Thank you very much for reading this Making Of, and I hope you guys like it. Vanja

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