Making Of ' Le Bain'

by Eve Berthelette

Here, painting was done and the sky was added. This one was from a photograph (Fig.11b).


Then, I added some curves and a vignette to brighten some areas and darken others. I used RGB matte passes to have accurate selections (Fig.11c).



Next I did some color corrections, using color balance and a curve again. I wanted to match the mood in ‘’The Opium Smoker” image. I felt that this orange-reddish tint would give the feeling of heat and sand I was looking for. I wanted the scene to convey very hot and dry weather outside, and the bathhouse as a shelter, providing fresh water and shade (Fig.11d).


Fig.11e shows the final touches; the light beams were painted in screen mode.


Conclusion :

Finally, I was very happy with the result. During the whole creation process of this work, I often doubted I would see the end of it, and was never certain it would be a happy ending. I’m glad I persevered. Thank you very much and I hope you enjoyed my work.

I must also thank everybody that encouraged me, especially the ones who participated;
Samuel Jacques for the little Moroccan table model and his abundant travel pictures from Iran. Dominique Grandmont for the Shisha model, the Morsy brothers for their contagious enthusiasm and great ideas, and Mr. Fraser for arguing with me!

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Raphael Fortin on Tue, 13 July 2010 1:03pm

Wow nice job man how many time you spent on that work?
Franck E.R. Scuotto on Wed, 14 July 2010 11:08pm

Excellent ! Very nice job...
Perspectivista on Fri, 16 July 2010 4:08pm

amazing job, but you don't show how did the modeling, or settings of materials, just talk about the figures.

anyway,nice job

Enrique Fajer on Sat, 04 July 2015 6:43pm

Felicidades,si pudiese calificar tu trabajo, no tendra la sabidura para hacerlo.
Me alienta a seguir con este maravilloso mundo de la Infografa. gracias mil

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