Making Of 'King Kittan The Great'

by Teoh Wei Liat

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Software Used :

Maya & Photoshop

Introduction :

Hi, my name is Teoh Wei Liat and I am a 3D artist working in Malaysia. I always wanted to create a Sci-fi robot scene and I’ve had an idea in my mind for some time now. After I watched the Japan anime Gurren lagan, I became interested in the robot design. Therefore I chose one of my favorite characters in the anime called King Kittan.

In addition, I wished to redesign the scene and hoped to create a great environment that would make the robot look great. I spent about one week researching the character and environment online and drawing a sketch of my image.

Refrences & Concept :

I tried to find some reference online for the front, side, back and perspective views of the robot. I also took some time to study the gadget and its parts (Fig.01).

teoh, wei, liat, king, kittan, the, great, 3d , model, refrence,

Afterwards, I drew some color, mood and design sketches in Photoshop. The purpose of was to let me have a clear picture of roughly what I was going to achieve in the final image. Before I started the modeling, I did a proxy modeling in Maya. All of this modeling was very low-poly and was just created to match with the concept image and check the perspective and camera angle (Fig.02).

teoh, wei, liat, king, kittan, the, great, 3d , model, idea, concept,


Modeling :

I started by modeling King Kittan because he was going to be the main subject of my image. I used simple Maya box modeling, tweaked the face, extruded and finally beveled the hard edge. I only modeled half of him and then mirrored this to the other side. Next I decided to add some scratches to some parts because King Kittan has been in a war and so shouldn’t be so perfect and clean (Fig.03).

teoh, wei, liat, king, kittan, the, great, 3d , model, modeling,

After the robot, I went back to Photoshop and tried to draw some perspective guidelines and study the composition. Because I wanted people’s attention to be on King Kittan, the perspective arrows I planned were actually all pointing out from him. For a better composition, the foreground (blue arrows) guides were all perpendicular with him. I also tweaked the focal length of my camera to 20 (by default it is 35) to achieve a more dynamic perspective, as King Kittan is a giant robot in a big garage (Fig.04).

teoh, wei, liat, king, kittan, the, great, 3d , model, modeling,

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