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Matte Painting Tutorial

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
We will be creating an mystic night scene with rainy atmosphere. Few preprations are required before you start. First basic step is a concept and where will be the matte paint used? Always start with rough thumbnails. Bring down your thoughts on paper. Scan it if needed.T ry to colour them roughly with simple patches of colours considering the atmosphere you want. Once you are happy with the result its time to finalize!

Before we start our final work we need to collect references and high resolution images. Refrences and image library is very important. Don't just look for sources on the net but also from books, photographs or click some good snaps yourself.

This the final matte. Before i start i normally divide my page, if the matte has to be fully generated on the computer. Normally horizon line should be off center so that it dose not divide the picture into 2 parts.


Step 1


I start colouring the water first with an airbrush with an textured brush so that it gives me no sharp edges. everything should be smooth. Opacity of the brush is 50%. This gives me overall idea of the placements.

Step 2

Now in a new layer above the water layer i start adding details. some mountains foreground mountains dark and background ones light. some debris floating on thewater or some small plants.

Step 3

Now here i start adding details on the right side of the scene. I have merged hand painted mountains with some photographs.

Step 4

I continue adding details with some more photographs of rock and painting over for the desired effect. Finally we get the basic layer of the matte. now we need some depth and more details! It's time for some rainy clouds.

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Philipp B. on Tue, 13 March 2012 10:42pm
I created THIS ( with the inspiration of your great work.
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