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3D Stylized Head Tutorial

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Date Added: 25th May 2010
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In Perspective view, I also rotated the ear forward since it is not a flat shape coming out from the head. This left the back of the ear very flat, and with large polygons I wanted to define better. I selected the edges just along the back side of the ear and clicked connect. The new edge between them gave me more room to curve the back-side of the ear some. I connected the ends of the new middle with the front of the ear on the top and bottom

Now, depending on how high or low poly your interested to go, you could leave the ear as is, or add more detail to it. Generally I'll leave the ears pretty low-poly and just put the detail in as texture. I'll add one more bit of detail to it, before I finish though.

Return to polygon mode and select the front flat of the ear. Click the box next to the Bevel button and make the new bevel go out form the ear a small bit, but have it shrink inwards to create a rounder edge. Click the apply button and this time bring it into the ear to create an indent

And this is what I've ended up with. Next I'm going to extend the next down from the head some, but that will probably be the last major modeling change I make to the head.

At this point you should have everything connected so there is just a single hold at the base of the head. If you need to bring part of the back of the head down to connect with the jaw, do that first by selecting the edges at the base of the back, holding down shift, and pulling them down to line up with the rest of the face. Weld any verticies that need to be welded and once you're ready select the edges surrounding the entire opening at the base of the head.

Go into the Left viewport and while holding down Shift, drag down to create new polygons. Do this several times so that you've got several rows of edges to work with.

In vertex mode, move the verticies around so that they fit the shape of the neck better. Switch to front view and pull verticies inwards so that it fits the shape of the neck from that view.

Go into Perspective view and adjust anything that doesn't look right. Cut in new edges around the jaw if you need to, to define the shape better

The final model! We have now modeled a head from scratch, starting with nothing but a plane


Okay, so now you've got this bland head model, lets add some life to it!

First step is to layout the UVs. UVs are texture coordinates in 3D Space. When you "layout the UVs" it's like taking the 3-dimentional model and 'unwrapping' it into a flat picture so you can paint the texture. I'll try to explain what it all means later, lets just get started


First we need to open up the Material Editor by pressing the "M" key on your keyboard. In the Material editor look for the little grey square next to the word Diffuse. between the two is a grey rectangle. If all you wanted was to make a solid color, you could just change this, but we want to apply a map to the diffuse slot, so we click on the button


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