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Making Of 'Anhells'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009

Starting off

In this tutorial I will talk about some of the processes I have used in the creation of Anhells. I will not go in deep for evey aspect of the image, so i'm assuming you have a good knowledge of your favourite 2D/3D software. I used 3dsmax, photoshop and combustion as the main programs. Mental Ray and Vray are my rendering engines for almost every project. I like both two, so I use both.

This image started as a polygonal head modeling at my job place (it was for something totally different to what it is now) and after some more hours playing with polys I decided I could end up with some cool character to include in my portfolio. Later, for some reason I decided I would do a more complex scene, so I started doing things here and there... One of the most important things I would like to transmit you with this tutorial is that YOU MAY NEVER START WORKING WITHOUT A PREVIOUS DRAWN CONCEPT. What I did is start with only a few blurred images in my mind of angels, demons and hells, and believe me, it is very easy to send it all the work done to the trash just because you are lost in the middle of a creation without knowing where do you want everything placed. So, ever, ever, ever, do some hand drawing before to clearly see what you are going to create in 3D.

The first thing I created for this scene was the main character. Every anhell uses the same base but with some minor changes.
Here you can see the head in two development states. One thing I had pretty clear was that there was not going to be animation or intense texturing, so I did not take too much care about edgeloops and stuff.

The hand was done with a base mesh I use as a start for all my modelings

The upper part is almost complete. As with the hand, I used for the torso a base mesh I did some time ago.

The legs came from another character I did some time ago. They were fixed and reworked to make them look better.

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