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Texturing with 3D Total's Texture CD's

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


I have tried to avoid using any kind of Global illumination approach, as I wanted more control over the image and I also did not want to wait ages for renders. Therefore I have used key-fill light mixture as the main light rig and I have also used a dome-light rig to generate ambient occlusion map to add more reality.

So first of all I have created the main light rig consist of the main Sun light and a couple of fill lights to soften-brighten up the shaded areas. I have created a dome light rig from 64 lights where 48 was acting as skylight, and the rest (16 lights) were the ground lights intended to simulate the bouncing lights from the ground plane.
Using the ambient occlusion render as a mask in composite, I had more control over the shaded parts of the image. I could darken/color correct specific parts as where wall are connected to each other and therefore less light to bounce into those areas. I have rendered an ID pass as well to be able to separate the objects during compositing for the final tweaking.

938_tid_displace.jpg 938_tid_ambient.jpg

938_tid_idframe.jpg 938_tid_wireframe.jpg

and finally a making of image with the flat shaded render, the final image and the colored occlusion map.

Click to Enlarge

and the final render:


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Sao G on Mon, 02 July 2012 11:04am
Very informative. I've recently started using displacement maps and so, as a beginner here, your maps gave me the basic idea for achieving the required 'look' for displacement on walls. Just one question, there are parts where the displacement goes out of hand, how to tone it? I guess my maps has a lot of gray in it...can that be a reason?
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