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Basic Modelling for beginners

By Rinne
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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

7. Lights and shadows

Yes, true, now we're going to add lighting to the scene. For that we click on "Omni" Button in the create light window, it shines in every direction. I set it diagonal to the glass:

But it still doesn't look that good, if we render it (press F9, it's a quick render, but it doesn't get saved). Let's look at the light-modify panel. Very complicated, but we're just interested, in "shadow parameters":


Turn the field "Object Shadows" on, now we have a simple shadow: (If you turn "Shadow Map" to "Raytraced Shadow", you'll get a better shadow, especially with the transparence, but rendering takes much longer!


If we add a second light on a differnt distance, it gives a nice effect.


8. Editable Poly

Now we want to make the scene look a bit more round. There's a very simple trick. Rightclick on your model, and convert it to "editable poly".


Now click in the lower list on "Subdivide".

click on Mesh Smooth, and your picture will look lots better:

You can also make this with the "Mesh Smooth" Modifier in the modifier list, and the pretty good thing on that is, that you can use it for renderings only, or for renderings and viewport, so you can save much perfomance!

So, that was it, but believe me, there will be more.

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Val on Thu, 29 November 2012 1:59pm
Thanks for your effort. Appreciated a lot !
Joe on Sat, 17 December 2011 3:09pm
Hey,.. thanks for putting the time into putting this together. The fact that I have a newer version of 3ds max made somethings a lil difficult to go through, but your tutorial helped me get something started and it came out nice for me. Thanks again
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