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Making a Blood Cell scene

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Step 18. Scroll down to Map roll out, and upload same maps that I have.
Don't change any settings yet.

Step 19. Go to Diffuse Map # 4 (Falloff), and copy these

Step 20. Go to Diffusion Map # 5 (Noise), and copy all these settings.


Step 21. Go to Flourescence Map # 6 (Falloff), and copy these settings.

Step 22. Now the last thing that's felt is Bump Map # 7 (Dent), copy all these

If everything was done correctly you should have something like this, as a texture for bc_env. NOTE: if your texture is little darker it's important that you'll ajust it.


Lights and Cameras

Here is the last part of this blood cell composition tutorial, here we will add some lights to our scene, plus add a camera. If something is not clear enough click on the corresponding picture it will show more detailed picture.

Step 23. Right click anywhere in any of the view ports, new window will pop up in that window click on Unhide All. And now you should see blood cell that we created earlier, and our environment.

Step 24. Now open Martial Editor (press M to do that) and apply Blood Cells texture to the blood cell that we have, and apply dc_env texture to the plane.

To do that just drag appropriate texture to the appropriate object.


Step 25. Now make couple copies of the blood cell and place them along the plane as you wish.


Here is what you should have by this point, now it's not the best picture of the blood cells, but it's sertantly a very good start for you. At this point you can just / play with lights and sligtly change textures to get a really good image. Plus you can add some environment effects, but it's up to you.

Thank you for trying my tutorial! And if you have any suggestions email me at

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