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The Blood Cells composition that we are going to do today is very simple to do. We'll start by constructing blood cell first, then building environment, creating textures, and by bringing it down to the conclusion adding lights and camera.

I will walk you through this tutorial step by step, and if something is not clear enough click on the corresponding picture and it will show a more detailed picture.

Constructing a Blood Cell

Step 1. Create a Chamfer Cylinder at X = 0; Y = 0; Z = 0. With following dimensions: Radius 25, Height 15, Fillet 5. Make sure that Height Segs is 1, Fillet Segs is 1, Sides 12, Cap Seg is 1, Box Smooth is checked and Slice On unchecked.

Step 2. Apply Edit Mesh modifier. Go to sub object Vertex in Selection roll out, and select the center vertex on top of the Cylinder. Now scroll down to Edit Geometry roll out, and with center vertex selected press Chamfer button, set value to 9. Now do the same thing for center vertex on the bottom of cylinder.

928_tid_003a.jpg 928_tid_003b.jpg

Step 3. Select top 12 Vertices that was just created on Step 2 and in left view bring them down to X = 0; Y = 0; Z = 8.5. Now select 12 Vertices on the bottom of the blood cell which where created earlier in Step 2 and bring them up to X = 0; Y = 0; Z = 6.5.

Step 4. Now turn off sub object Vertex in Selection roll out, and apply Noise modifier with following parameters: In Noise selection Seed 8, Scale 15; in Strength selection X = 7, Y = 5, Z = 4.

Step 5. Apply Mesh Smooth modifier. In Subdivision Amount roll out in change iteration to 2 and smoothness to 1.

OK now that we are done with modeling blood cell, let's create the environment.

Creating the enviroment

Step 6. Lets hide our blood cell that we just created so nothing can get on our way when we will work on environment. To do that simply select blood cell right click on it and choose Hide Selection.

Step 7. Now create a Plane Object with following dimensions: Length 500, Width 500, and make sure that Length Segs is 20 and Width Segs is 20 too.



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