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Making Of 'They came from the Sea'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


To give the mechmesh a real fishie feel I started looking for deep - sea fish on google, there are a lot of very strange fish on the bottom of the sea! I found a fish called Orange Roughie (funny name) but it does
look rather roughed up...

I was also looking for underwater photos shot from deep below the surface and up at the sky.
The only references showing a flooded city I could come up with was Underworld and AI, AI having some of the best views Screenshot from AI below

I also found some photos of New York skyscrapers, streets and subway stations.



The whole scene is modelled with basic stuff in viz 2005. The fish is made out of tubes, extruded splines and a bit of editable mesh and mesh smooth for the head. All the hydraulics are cylinders and spheres and the fins are extruded splines. Nothing fancy.

In Viz there are no particles and no symmetry modifier like in max, so a lot of mirroring and copying of objects and bubbles...

The city is the same deal lots of extruded splines and boxes. So it takes more patience than modelling skills to do the scene.

I modelled everything in separate models and merge the lot into the scene.

To find the right camera angle and compositing of the skyscrapers and the scene in general I used boxes and replaced them with the done models of the buildings

916_tid_3_2.jpg 916_tid_3_3.jpg


I took the time to give each object their own textures on the fish and the skyscrapers. The textures are made form lots of ref images found with google and total textures, the bitmaps has been clone brushed together to form the textures for each part. I wanted the mechfish to look a bit roughed up, taken into consideration the fish has just taken over the world filled with people saying " we will not go quietly into the night!"¬Ěhe he, sorry. The fish has a body map, a fin map for each fin, hydraulic map, 2 types of rust, outer eye map, inner eye map and a map for the glowing line.

The Skyscrapers has about 4 maps each for windows plaster, bricks, paint, sand stone and so on.

The textures has changed a bit from the first version of the scene to the last, the building are now more damaged and burned out. Changes to the mapping was made partly due to all the positive and constructive critique from the 3d forums, thanks


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