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First the idea was to show the locust-concrete mixer standing in the restricted area behind the fence and looking through it. But this thought changed later and the composition was transformed (Fig.08).

Fig. 08

The fence was broken and the restriction area eliminated, although I kept the maintenance staff there as their presence tells us the machine is in a functional condition and is still being used. I made a decision to add an open hangar with the elephant-excavator (my remade work from 2005). It brought much more variety and added detail to the composition (Fig.09).

Fig. 09

During the development of the idea, the geometry was being added. The shaders and the textures were being tuned constantly, as well as the whole lighting of the scene until I got my desired mood and atmosphere (Fig.10).

Fig. 10

I used a physical sun and sky system plus some additional light sources to light this scene. I also did plenty of test renders to make sure I was happy with the result (Video: 01).

Video: 01

Here I'd like to say that when I started the work, I knew I was going to depend a lot on post-processing. That gave me freedom with the texturing and rendering of the most complicated parts as I knew I could add the missing parts later in Photoshop.

Finally I achieved the desired lighting in the scene (Fig.11)! I think the feeling of early morning worked well. Further I decided to increase the atmosphere by adding signs of autumn. Then it was time to render the scene.

Fig. 11

The hardest task was to render out the beauty pass. Due to the large size of the image it took about 12 hours. There were also three additional passes to render: Occlusion, Color ID and Z-Depth. These passes helped me to achieve the needed volume and depth of the picture, and were also used as technical layers when compositing in Photoshop (Fig.12).

Fig. 12

Anyway, it didn't take much time to assemble and fine-tune the picture. And voila! It was finished. What a glorious moment! The idea was realized, all the technical issues were solved and that day when I made the first sketches was now so far away (Fig.13).

Fig: 13

I hope it was interesting to read my story. Have a happy art process and good luck with your ideas!

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