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Making Of 'It Comes a Time of Death'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

So now we have set the basics of the picture so from now on I will describe the phase in which I have started to substitute objects for final models. For the latter I have unwrapped and made the materials right away. I have split everything nicely into layers - great thing, especially if you have a shortcut (I have shift+space), which helps you to open and close it.
As for the material tests, in most of the cases I have used camera view as I have already mentioned before.
Now lets talk about the individual objects in the scene.

1. Surface

Here I would like to tell you how I proceeded in the creation of the texture for the surface and show you this texture as well. The whole diffuse texture was done from 5 different textures such as grass, earth, leaves etc. I loaded them all into Photoshop and drew the whole texture mainly using the clone stamp, dodge and burn tools and with different type of brushes and adjustments. From this diffuse texture, I made the displacement texture by desaturating it and using the burn and dodge tools. I have also used different selections from the diffuse texture made with colour range and than it was adjusted with brightness/contrast.

On the next picture you can see a little piece of this texture. The texture itself has 8000x8000pix resolution


2. Grass

For this I recommend my tutorial at (
There are only two differences. The first one is that I used two kinds of textures for grass.
I put them together from Total Texture v10 cd. The second difference is, that it was not deleted with the texture, but by hand which is because it wasn't such a large area and I wanted to have it in the exact position as I wished.

3. Small Tree on the right

Here I found an interesting way on placing the leaves on this tree (I want to thank bontakun, who helped me with this). The procedure is that you make one leaf and then place a point helper at the bottom of its stem and link it to the leaf. Finally make a particle flow exactly the way as it is on the next picture. You will see, that all the leaves will be placed on selected faces of "small tree on the right" and they will be perpendicular to them.


3. King(cloth)

At the beginning I made this cloth only with diffuse and bump map, but fortunately, my friend Marek Denko persuaded me to model the whole cloth for which I want to thank him.
It's very important to have a good reference. One of my references is the next picture.


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HabibS on Tue, 21 February 2012 11:23am
Amazing work. Great tutorial. Your final work is much better than its on the book cover.
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