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Behind the Portrait of Dorian Grey

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


I had a bad time when I could not sleep because of some problems and so I tried to think of something else and I came up with this : ) I had no inspiration for my characteres, no concepts or sketches.These creatures were created piece by piece during few weeks. References of a chair, clock, chair, lamp and desk could be found on internet.


All parts of this scene was modeled as Editable polygonal objects.

Clock - Body was modeled as Editable poly with  symmetry modifier applied. For base of the clock I used line and Lathe modifier. Hands of clock are extruded closed line.

Curtain - I started with plane with wave modifier. Then was converted to editable poly. After the modeling was finished I used shell modifier to give the curtain thickness. Lastly the meshsmooth modifier.(iteration 2) was added.

Desk Lamp - I started with cylinder (1) then I deleted all segments except one and used first symmetry modifier(2)I applied symmetry modifiers until I got new cylinder. Then I just played with editable poly and symmetry modifiers which make lamp symmetrical. (6)

Other parts of lamp was created analogically.

Picture Frame - same process as with desk lamp base.


Desk - editable poly modeling. Also used symmetry modifiers.


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