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Making Of 'Happiness is a Blue Bird'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


"Happiness is a Blue Bird that one afternoon settled on our warm palm and left us something like a trace of a lost paradise that never was reached by anyone and that everyone dream with at some moment, sleeping or in wakefulness".


From some time ago I was interested on making an allegoric picture with the theme of happiness, or happiness' absence. The idea was making a stimulating, oniric image, that together with the title and the shown elements, allowed the watchers to make their own interpretation about what they see. The image moves us to that lost paradise, home of the blue birds (that symbolize happiness), to discover with our own eyes how a mysterious figure go exterminating everyone of these beautiful birds. On the original idea, the intention is getting the watch to feel as playing part of the scene, since we see the "happiness hunter" making a break on his path of death, when he realizes about our presence. Are we just watchers of a dream or are we the hunting mates?


Designing a hunting day - I normally use to work with colour sketches, but in that work I started from a really basic initial sketch, mainly for making a little study of the lighting and the general composition of the scene. The dusk light gives the environment a welcoming aspect, in opposition with the character. Independently of the the scene's sketch, I worked on the main figure's design, the hunter. On the first designs the clothes were more prepare and the hat worn has adorned with the blue birds' feathers, but I finally decided to give him a more sober and less smart aspect.


837_tid_image02.jpg 837_tid_image03.jpg

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