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Car Modeling Using Nurbs Part 4

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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(Please read): In this part of the tutorial we are going to be working on the Rims of the car. By using these techniques, anyone should be able to make any type of rim. I chose this ring because of the clean cut, but it can be more advance if you desire to spend some extra time on it. The basics are the same. In case you want to use the same rim picture, just save the picture on step.

1: Image Reference

When starting to work on independent parts the first thing we should do is find our problem areas. Once we have found that out, we can start thinking about the right approach towards the making of our surface. For this surface I have pinpointed four issues that I we are going to face. Don't forget, there is only so much preplanning. It's acceptable if you find more issues as you advance.

a. The hole with the smooth rectangular shape
b. The triangular hole
c. The ring under the main surface
d. The L loft shape

Now that we have a list, we can start elaborating using same order

2: Making The Circles

Lets start by making two circles and scaling them to find the Y proportions of our tire. As you can see this is not the best reference picture, but it will get the job done as a guideline.

3: Draw Curve

Now using the CV curve, draw an upside down L and modify it is similar to shape 1, in step 1 .

4: Duplicate

Proceed to duplicate the curve and scale it on negative X, so is a perfect mirror of the original curve. After that you can attach the curves together.

5: Pivot

Make sure the pivot is at the center of the grid. If for some reason its not, you can change this by pressing the Insert key on your keyboard to make your pivot translation active and then grid snap to the center.

6: Draw Curve

Proceed to make another curve as an upside down V shape to match shape 2, in step 1.

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