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Considering the camera's perspective i knew i didn't have to paint another wall texture because moving the uvw map Gizmo in most of the walls mapped with the same picture did the work for me; this can't really be appreciated so a little trick to
save time/effort.
Now my attention was on the rock texture in my scene so i used a rock texture as a base and then i painted a brick pattern over it. It would help in the arc displacement.

Just as i did it with the wall's texture, i used this texture for all the rock parts in my scene and i only had to move the UVW map gizmo.

Same technique for the floor, i took a base texture and added, painted and retouched some layers.

In the lighting part i didn't want to go on trouble because the scene is an outside one and i just need a key light (sun) and an ambient light. In MAX i used a direct yellow light as the sun and choose a blue environment.

For more on lighting with Vray I recommend this excellent site:

801_tid_21.jpg 801_tid_22.jpg
This lighting stuff is a little complex. In this scene i played a lot with lighting and bounces' parameters. Testing and failing is what i like the most because you can check variations on the ambient while changing the setting.
Many people asked me about the vegetation and now I'm telling you how i did it. After being satisfied with lighting i ended up adding some planes with veg texture, like the plants and tree in the background.
Special care must be taken in the plane shadows. I used Vray shadows and an Opacity map to get nice projected shadows.

One of the steps i consider most important is the final retouch done in Photoshop.

After finishing i added little touches like Specular Blooms and some volumetric light render passes.

801_tid_23.jpg 801_tid_24.jpg
This is how we end the journey through the realization of "La Hacienda", i hope you liked it and find it useful for future works. Don't hesitate in mailing me for any reason: [email protected]

Thank you very much!!! Good luck and happy renders.

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