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Making Of 'The Lantern'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

3: The background curtain was made with an extruded line with a noise and turbo smooth modifier applied

798_tid_Curtain_01.jpg 798_tid_Curtain_02.jpg


I wanted the scene to be have an old feel to it, so that is why I have used dirt masks on every object and also I used some Vray materials.

The Lantern Material: A Vray material with Mix in the diffuse channel:

798_tid_Tex_01.jpg 798_tid_Tex_02.jpg 798_tid_Tex_03.jpg

For the specular I used a gray scale bitmap in both highlight glossiness and reflection glossiness :

798_tid_Tex_05.jpg 798_tid_Tex_06.jpg 798_tid_Tex_07.jpg

The Curtain Material: I also used a Vray material, mixed in the diffuse channel with low values in the highlight and reflection glossiness, about 0.5 or 0.3 :

798_tid_Tex_08.jpg 798_tid_Tex_09.jpg 798_tid_Tex_10.jpg

Lighting And Rendering

Lighting: For the lighting I used 3 Vray lights. The "1" marked Light is the main light, with 7.0 in the multiplier with a blue tint. The "2" marked Light and the last one have 1.0 multiplier with a white tint:


For the Flame I have used an Omni light with a 1.0 multiplier and a yellow tint with Vray shadows turned on:


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