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Making Of 'Lonely and Left Behind'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Post Production

This picture was really retouched in photoshop quite a lot. Although I rendered the model in front of a blurred background, I used the alpha-channel to separate the model from the background during the process of postproduction several times.
Most of you will know photoshop so I don't explain the basics.
The falling rain was completely created in photoshop though and maybe some of you would like to know how I did it.
First of all I created a separate layer and added a pure black-white cloud-pattern, using the "rendering à create clouds" option (maybe it's called different in english, I'm working with the german version of ps). Then the clouds are modified with the "mezzotint"-filter, using long-lines. This will just give us some nice parallel contrasts within the clouds. Then I applied a motion-blur to the layer and rotated the direction until I got the right angle for the rain to come from. Now all that had to be done was, to play around with the fill-settings of the layer, that means, the way in which one layer interacts with the layers beneath. I chose "lighten" so only the bright elements of the rain became visual. Then I cloned the layer and chose a slightly different angle for the motion blur to get rid of the parallel look of the raindrops. This way I created crossed lines which looked a lot better then parallel raindrops.
And that's it! Some colour-corrections, some blurring and sharpening of different areas and a slight glow in the white areas and I was finished.
Last but not least, here's a little wireframe with everything included except the raindrops:

If you have any questions concerning this making of, please feel free to Email me, but I can't answer general questions about Max like "what's a polygon, how do you extrude a face".

Thanks for reading!


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