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Making Of 'Macaw'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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Step 6

Now I start building up the form. Blending the strokes, to achieve volume. Random scribbling and strokes that define the direction of the feathers are applied.
Lay in bold pattern of value, until the subject begins to take shape. Reduce the subject down to a large mosaic of shapes and values. As the painting takes shape, I start modeling each of the individual items, like the beak, face, feathers etc.
I plot the light and dark tones of the feathers using various mixes of orange and red. I apply them rapidly and don't bogged down in detail, concentrate instead on capturing the gestures of the feathers.


Step 7

I go for the background now. Add more color and shapes, for a better composition, I usually add or subtract things during the process, like an On The Spot Decision. I give some attention to the background as well. Apply some color, contrasting with what I used in the foreground. Again, there is no rule for such actions, just follow your heart and put strokes to balance things according to your own instincts.


Step 8

I see some strokes for the feathers look too strong for the moment, so I blend them more.

I usually work on the entire canvas at a time. Analyzing every area and working every where at the same time. I keep on observing, balancing stuff, subtracting and adding things to get what I want. I don't finish any one particular part at one time, esp. when I am painting in this loose manner. I keep my brush moving and working on all areas of the canvas/picture plane..


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Rama on Mon, 03 September 2012 6:12am
Beautifully done. I will give ArtRage a try. It seems more intuitive than Photoshop. Your work looks like real paint on canvas! Thanks very much for sharing!
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