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Making Of 'The Diner'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


Before I set up the lights, I had to decide what my main light source was going to be. Since this was a night time shot, I decided to light the room using the overhead hanging lamp. First thing I did was put a spotlight up into the lamp.

I then set the cone angle wide enough to cover most of the table. I gave the light an orange color, and set the intensity falloff to inverse distance. I decided to shadow map the shadows to give nice soft edges.

Next I added an area light overhead pointing down onto the table.

Fig. 15

That light has an intensity of 20% and is a pale yellow color. This light helped fill in some areas that did not get hit by the spotlights rays.

After adding that light, the area underneath the table was still too dark so I added another area light directly under the table top pointing towards the floor.
This light has an intensity of 18%. I still needed one more light to illuminate the side of the booth, so i added one more area light directly to the side. (below)


I then used interpolated radiosity to help fill in some areas and create some soft shadows.

I used an intensity of 68%, 1 bounce, 3x9 RPE, .7 tolerance, and 14mm spacing. Sometimes using radiosity with area lights can create noise in the shadows, so i turned on shading noise reduction to smooth out the shadows.

For the final touches, i did a little bit of adjusting in psp....lowered the color saturation, played with the brightness and contrast, and messed with the histogram. Hopefully this overview has helped you realize how this image was made and maybe you learned a little something along the way!

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