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Hello, I had in mind this picture for a long time after my short movie "Niumb", I wanted to work on another short inspired by the Amazon legends. The universe is a rainforest and strange people living on the top of high wood structures.

First, It's better to have in mind a picture, draw it on paper, it's the best way to illustrate where you want to go ; it can be a very rough sketch, very simple to help you to place your volumes, camera and lighting.

I started first to model the land, after, I placed rough shapes to equilibrate the composition before including the character:

I used a simple Grid with 40 subdivisions, after what I moved some vertex vertically with the smooth selection option, Its easy to model simple shapes of a terrain, but you need to randomise that. I selected the highest points and added a noise modifier to make it more natural. The next step is to add a Mesh smooth on the whole geometry, and particularly on the highest vertices.

By the way I worked on the character, I started with a simple box for the body,This is my first 3D character, so bee cool with me, the anatomy is not perfect J, I wanted at the same time a charismatic, primitive character, like some indians korowai could be in Irian Jaya , perched on the top of their lookouts-houses, but I also wanted it to have an alien-fantastic look :)


Texture and 3D model, I used the wire of the unwrap as a guide to do the texture.

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Connor P on Wed, 28 December 2011 11:30am
Great tutorial! That's your first 3D character? Amazing! My I gotta go make my own. Keep up the good work!
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