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Next job was the wall and arch. The method was the same, I choose 3 different brick texture and play around with them, adjust the color to have a nice final texture. Cut some elements and apply in the right places, add some dirt spots to turn the wall with a older look. In the unwrap job of the mesh, I figure that the back wall, doesn't matter for my scene and spare some time.

In the image below you can see, the others maps that I use in the scene. Basic materials, because I prepare some of them in photoshop first. In the vase for example I use 3 maps, 2 in mix mode with a dirt, I use the same for the bump. The texture cd's offer many solutions for my scene, and I can edit and mix, creating new textures and a great variety. The carpet was found in the net, I was looking for a persian style, to give a more rustic look.


Main Scene - Lights

The scene was rendering with Vray, I use one strong yellow light (spot - multiplier=0,7, color=255,255,238) to create a strong shadow and give the feeling of a summer day. Creating a strong bright projection. I also use a key light (vray light - multiplier to give the main light and environment, and to crate soft shadows inside the room. I had some difficult to create a balance between an hard and dark zone and a bright zone, because too many lights and I can blow the scene. After I made some final adjustments in Photoshop.


Main Scene - Post Production

Ok. Finally and after render my scene, I made some tricks to improve the overall look of the scene, this time I use a lens flare from photoshop, to bring up more realism to the scene and add extra sun effect such the rings and rays, and give a little glow behind the wall outside. As always final touches of calibration: levels, contrast, saturation.


Main Scene - Final Scene

I really recommend this texture Cd's to every artist and studios, it's one of the best of all, great collection of textures and with a great quality.One more time, congratulations to all 3dtotal crew members you are the best ... keep up the good work and good renders.

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