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Making Of 'Nihal from the Land of the Wind'

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Date Added: 13th November 2009
Software used:
In Fig.07 you can see the legs after the first modeling phase; Fig.08 shows the legs after the second modeling phase.

Fig. 07

Fig. 08

I did everything in a T-pose at first, instead of modeling it in the final pose, as I thought it would be nice to have the possibility of animating the body (even though I'm not planning to do it). In Fig.09 you can see Nihal fully modeled; any final details that were missing at this stage were going to be added later with the bump map.

Fig. 09

In Fig.10, you can see the full model wires.

Fig. 10


And here I started to seriously enjoy myself! First I had to unwrap the model - which is a pretty boring, but very important step. It has to be done with care, because if you hurt your model in this step, then you will see the consequences in the final result.Fig.11 shows the result with the model checker applied.

Fig. 11

In Fig.12 we can see the UV map template.

Fig. 12

Next I started painting the armor texture. This was painted entirely by hand (no photo!), and I started by painting the base in Photoshop, as you can see on the left side of Fig.13. I then moved directly into Modo and using its 3D painting, I painted on the dark, blackened, and lighter parts that can be seen on the right side of Fig.13. This was to help with the lighting of the model and to give it a more "illustrated mood".

Fig. 13

In Fig.14 you can see the finished helmet, which was achieved after applying the bump map and specular map. The whole model was done using this method: making the base texture in Photoshop and then painting directly onto the model in Modo.

Fig. 14

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