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Making Of 'A Toaster'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Click on the button that says "Create Shape from Selection" which will detach a spline object from your toaster as a copy (nothing will change in the process).  We want a "linear" spline so select linear and click ok.  A spline is a spatial-line that will help us define the kind of geometry we want for the footing.

Use your move gizmo to bring the spline to the bottom of the toaster.  This will position it so that it will properly fit.  For safety, scale your spline by 90%, so that it will fit inside the toaster completely.

Apply an "Extrude" modifier to the spline so that it will extend downwards by some respectable amount.  Use your judgment here; how far from the table should a toaster be?

Convert the object to Editable Polygon like we did for the toaster at the beginning of this tutorial.  Select the vertical edges along its length and connect them.  Use the move gizmo to bring these new edges close to the bottom of the footing. 


Select the bottom edge of the entire piece and use the scale gizmo to scale them up.  This will cause the edges to fly out radially from their average center.  This is really good because it will help the toaster stand properly.

Neat huh?


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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Igor Vig on Tue, 16 September 2014 11:23pm
I actually have gone trough this tutorial some years ago when I was starting with 3DMax and I stumbled on it now accidentally .But I remeber how much it meant to me then,because after this unsuspecting litlle tutorial I was able to model tons of new things,it really was a small revolution for me.So just wanted to say THANKS to Guy and to let novices know that the object modeled in a tutorial does not have to be fancy and cool in order for the tutorial to be super easy to follow and educational.Thanks!
Bradley on Sat, 17 November 2012 11:37pm
you've lost me at the beginning of the material editing.
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